Trading Tutorials

Trading Tutorials is dedicated to using Technical Analysis (the study of market charts) to identify trading opportunities within financial markets.

We focus on trading stocks and foreign exchange (forex) but technical analysis can be used on any tradable market such as indices or commodities.

Listed on the left are a collection of short trading tutorial videos explaining all the major setups and strategies that I and many other traders use day in, day out, to make consistent returns from the markets.

You don’t need to know or necessarily trade all these strategies to be a consistently profitable trader. In fact the best traders often have just one or two setups that they have mastered and stick to religiously and if they don’t find any of their particular trade setups in the market then they simply don’t trade!

Whilst it is obviously advantageous to be familiar with a number of strategies to maximise your trading opportunities, it is as said much better to be a master of one setup up rather than a ‘jack of all trades’ (pun intended!).

When learning a new trade setup or strategy, it’s important to remember that trading is a very personal activity and trader psychology plays far more of a role in successful trading than most would believe. As such pick strategies that strike a chord with you. After all, if you don’t understand or believe in the trade you are unlikely to be picking the best setups and also more likely to second guess and be tempted to interfere with your trades once they’re running.

I have grouped my tutorials into 4 broad classes:

trading tutorials

Top Trade Secrets:
These are the main trading concepts that you simply must understand and pay attention to when weighing up the merits of any trade setup. Just obeying these rules alone will save you much emotional pain and trading capital in the long term.
Chart Pattern Secrets:
These are the core chart pattern setups I use every day and each pattern based trade idea posted up will link to the relevant tutorial.
Price Action Secrets:
These are the principle price action setups I use every day and each posted trade idea will link to the relevant tutorial.
Other Trade Secrets:
A collection of other important trading concepts.

Constructive feedback on these tutorials and anything else for that matter is always welcome. Please use the comments box found on every tutorial page to tell me what you think?